4P's began as a well-loved pizza restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City called Pizza 4P's. Today the Restaurant has over 20 locations, across 3 countries. While the restaurant is the bulk of the company, there is a vision to do much more.

The founders found the brand needed work to match their vision, and they sought the advice of rice to investigate opportunities in brand architecture strategy, and identity. Rice set to work, understanding 4P's and discovered they creates 'platforms for peace,' and have a vision to "make te world smile for peace" Other platforms for peace spearheaded by 4P's include cheese factories, organic farms, educational activities, and sustainability projects. With all of this on the way "Pizza 4P's" as a name was limiting. Rice helped structure '4P's' (for peace) as a mother brand that would allow the organization to create all kinds of platforms for peace, e.g. Café 4P's, Hotel 4P's, Beer 4P's, and of course, Pizza 4P's. The identity of 4P's and Pizza 4P's could be different expressions of the same core identity. 4P's values; "sustainability, sharing, and humanity" became a checklist for design development. Rice worked with ex-pixar legend, Andrew Gordon to create a mascot for the company, that would help in explaining the myriad of endeavors 4P's will present. This character is a personified burrata cheese, (an iconic 4P's product) called BUU.

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