Produced through time-honored processes in Japan by masters, matcha is a pure un-compromised green powder; a substance not unlike water, gold, mercury, or a precious stone. This thought informed the naming of Material Matcha Uji 宇治. The identity asks the viewer to contemplate pure materials. In packaging, a spectrum of unadulterated materials are utilized to represent aspects of the product's creation. Hi-gloss mylar is an otherworldly material which contains the pure, matcha. A zine, made of paper, and photocopy toner are juxtaposed with the mylar to express a handmade side to the process. A ceramic vessel, made from recycled ceramic material, represents the history and wabi-sabi tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony. Three outer boxes denote each product's distinct flavor profile. The logo is always pushed into our out of the materials in a blind-emboss. The logo mark was created to be imprinted, stamped or otherwise stenciled into almost any substrate. With this flexibility, future packaging can be made from a plethora of materials, and simply “branded, MMU宇治.

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