PLASTICPeople categorise themselves as a material and solution company. Being disenchanted with the abuse of plastic and the eventual ineffectiveness of recycling, the founders of PLASTICPeople asked how they could do better. They got to work combining imagination, a punk spirit, and science, to develop solutions to make highly useful materials out of any-and-all waste plastic on Earth—effectively transforming trash into valuable products that last hundreds of years.

PLASTICPeople materials have been put to use in projects, ranging from social housing—to designer furniture. The materials are circular, in that they can simply be reprocessed into new materials after use. Noting that plastic should not be a problem, and that plastic can be a material of hope, PLASTICPeople show us by example, how to “save the plastic.” Just one of the many whose imagination was sparked by the actions of PLASTICPeople, Joshua Breidenbach, co-founder of Rice, named and gave identity to PLASTICPeople in hopes to make them a household name. Rice continues to build upon the identity with simplistic and impactful messaging and design as the group seeks to bring its operation into a world-wide scale, through education, awareness, and action.

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