When Beamin, Korea’s boldest food delivery brand, approached us to adapt their brand identity for Vietnam, It meant designing kits for thousands of riders. The challenge was to make them boldly stand out in the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Rice developed a highly desirable bomber jacket, in the brand’s signature mint green. Rice production team controlled each stage of the production process—ensuring excellence and consistency across jackets, shirts, helmets, bags, lunch boxes, and a plethora of merchandise items.

The Identity hinges on strong Vietnamese headlines. Rice developed the custom typeface, BM Daniel, to boldly carry Baemin’s unique tone of voice across everything, from the delivery app, to billboards, ads, and other brand assets. BM Daniel was designed with the Vietnamese alphabet in mind. In order to accommodate the brands larger than life personality, the typeface squeezes diacritics within a set cap-height, allowing the characters to stack and headlines to shout, without disrupting readability. The result is a set of characters that are so full of personality, the typeface alone is the visual identity for the Baemin brand.

BAEMIN has gone on to transcend 'food delivery' as an influential cultural brand in Vietnam, bridging into merchandise and more.

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