In the ever-evolving world of blockchain, knowledge gaps continue to exist. Viction stands apart as a company that prioritizes the dissemination of information and education. The platform sees blockchain as a means to positive impact by enabling and empowering human potential through heightened accessibility, education, and community building.

Viction entrusted Rice to name and give identity to the layer-1 blockchain and position the company as a platform propelling human stories, in a technology-centric market. A result of vision and victory—the name Viction emerges. The identity centers on establishing Viction as a Platform for Potential, utilizing imagery of people flourishing on the foundation of a powerful platform. The Viction logo-mark is this platform, on top of which storytelling, and a literary approach to type and layout, set off true stories and use-cases. Rice crafted a verbal identity that hinges upon three unique lines that categorize their collected real-life use-cases. "Platform for Potential", "Enabling Achievement", and "Expanding Vision" are properties that will drive the Viction spirit for years to come.

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