PLASTICPeople Sample Box 2022

The PLASTICPeople Sample box is the company’s inaugural commercial product, made to demonstrate the versatility, beauty and performance of the 100% up-cycled plastic materials. The sample box, constructed by the samples, is a demonstration of the potential of the materials. As the company’s only truly branded product, the box was made to be a strong communication piece, with all 4 outer surfaces emplazened with core brand assets—the logo, symbol, call to action, and the mission statement. A CNC machine is used to carve, counter-relief, these brand assets, as well as the material code into each sample. This reduces resources, and further demonstrates the potential of the materials. A booklet is contained to give further information in small text. The booklet is printed on off-cuts, with soy ink from a small riso printer. PLASTICPeople hope the box becomes an essential object on the shelves of architects, engineers, makers, and those interested in sustainable materials—igniting imaginations to the endless possibilities of the materials.

PLASTICPeople materials have been put to use in projects, from social housing for communities in Vietnam displaced by tropical storms, to designer furniture, to sculpture. The materials are circular, in that, used or damaged materials can simply be reprocessed into new material. Noting that plastic is a great material, and should not be a problem, PLASTICPeople show through example, how to “save the plastic”.

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