Vietcap, formerly known as Vietcapital Securities, is a renowned financial institution in Vietnam. With a vision for the future, Vietcap embarked on a rebranding journey to refresh its name and identity. They aimed to align their brand with a more forward-thinking approach while preserving their rich heritage and focusing on offering the best possible service to all levels of clientele.

Under the new vision of "A World of Investment: Opportunities for Financial Freedom and Growth," Vietcap collaborated with Rice to completely revamp its visual identity. The focus was on creating a modern and cohesive brand that reflects Vietcap's aspirations and commitment to exceptional service. The updated brand identity serves as a rallying point for the Vietcap team, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. It represents Vietcap's commitment to providing the best possible service to all levels of clientele, ensuring that every individual's financial goals are met with utmost dedication and expertise.

The new visual identity incorporated sleek yet bold typography and a striking bright green triangle as the logo mark. The chosen typeface, FK Grotesk Neue, combines letter combinations to convey information and meaning while embodying the brand's personality and tone - bold, simple, and universal. The iconic bright green arrow mark, positioned as an exponent, symbolizes growth and positive market trends. This mark not only differentiates Vietcap from its competitors but also reinforces the brand's futuristic outlook. The green color, derived from the RGB color model, draws inspiration from stock tickers, further enhancing the brand's association with the financial industry. In print, the mark is reproduced using fluorescent ink, adding a distinct visual impact.

Through a comprehensive rebranding effort, Vietcap has successfully transformed its heritage financial securities image into a forward-looking powerhouse. The redesigned visual identity, with its bold typography and vibrant green triangle, encapsulates Vietcap's vision and positions them as trailblazers in the industry while emphasizing their dedication to exceptional service for all clients.

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