With two decades dedicated to bringing the best of the world to Vietnam through extraordinary brands such as Hermes, Patek Philippe, Kenzo, and beyond, Tam Son is embarking on the next stage of their journey—becoming more than just a distributor. Tam Son's transformation began with strategy and continued into a beautiful and dynamic new visual identity. Rice was entrusted with defining a bold new future for Tam Son, in which the company would come to the forefront of cultural experiences and community building within the luxury industry in Vietnam, and beyond, as curators of craft and culture.

With Tam Son's new tagline, "Discover Inspiration", the brand invites a wider audience to engage with their universe—regardless of demographic—to discover what is there for them. Rice discovered, with Tam Son, how to widen and identify a greater spectrum of patrons without disrupting the company's current high-net-worth customers.

This discovery positioned Tam Son as a curator of the extraordinary, inspiring a conceptual frame in which Tam Son's name flows around discoveries in luxury, craft, and culture.

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