For over 20 years, Trevor Sherard (Truffle Man) has delighted the people of San Francisco with his cannabis-infused chocolate truffles—literally creating the city’s longest-running pop-up. The truffle man is a legend in SF. Obsessed with geometry, engineering, magic and storytelling, Trevor had created displays, Utensils, machinery, costumes, and spaces, constituting an entire artful world. With legalisation, a license to manufacture in Oakland, and backing, the Truffle Man experience was ready to transform from a one-man-band, to a full-fledged consumer brand.

Our objective was to ‘package’ an artful, wild story into an accessible, pop brand that could go far wider than Dolores Park. The vision going forward includes retail, and experiences that bring a lot of story surrounding wildly inventive chocolate.

This packaging solution for the Truffle Man’s chocolate ‘treasures’ is inspired by this world of the Truffle Man. Interplay between different sizes or individual boxes creates endless iterations of structures and patterns. The boxes work by offering new display-building opportunities, and invite buyers to play, and build, and hopefully to keep the boxes for a second life as personal treasure keepers. Throughout years of placing his chocolates directly to the hands of his customers, Trevor’s ultimate dream was to find a way to bring this experience to the world. The packaging encourages connection. The interplay between the three different sizes create endless iterations of structures and patterns. To be near these boxes and not be tempted to explore the possibilities is almost impossible.

Another product range, “truffies,” work in a series and are wrapped in abstract images by photographer Damien Maloney. The Truffle Man—a simple unifying platform, is made to invite art and artists into a world of possibility, while remaining recognisable. The truffle man brand is ultimately about seeking and finding inspiration.

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