UBER had in a unique position in Vietnam. Through the UBERmoto option, the brand could be, ultra visible. With this opportunity, rice embarked on creating Uber’s flagship moto driver attire, and a visual identity system that made sense on the unique roads of Vietnam. Rider, Driver, and brand had the same needs: Visibility, Safety, and Pride. Rice worked towards a positive result using UBER traits: Precise, Advanced, Contemporary, Refined, Ever Evolving, Empowering, Disruptive, Iconoclastic, High-Tech+Human, & Dynamic. Ultimatly, going beyond working visually, rice developed what client and agency referref to as 'Uber Wear' A unique kit of garments that drew inspiration from sportswear, uniforms, and high-performace safety equiptment. This process produced uniqily formed garments made for the specific demands of a rider that would be on a motorbike all day, and a passagerer that would be trying to find them.