Founded in 1994, Pebsteel is a global company providing solutions for Pre-engineered Buildings and Steel Structures. They stand to empower people and businesses through better-engineered spaces. Pebsteel’s objective is to become the benchmark in the steel building industry, through safe, sustainable, and innovative solutions.

Due to the competitive landscape in the Pre-Engineered Building and Steel Structure industry, Pebsteel asked rice to refresh its brand and identity to reinforce its market position. Challenges were in communicating the brands what, how, and why, to a global audience. Previously, the brand name “PEB Steel,” which incorporated a system name, P.E.B (Pre-Engineered Building), was limited to business practices in Steel Structures.

Rice defined a new name by abstracting the descriptive words PEB and Steel. Which created the own-able and unique Pebsteel. The descriptor “Engineered Building Solution” provides clarity on the what. Rice developed a hard-working visual identity system under the concept of “Building space for greatness”. This identity has rolled out across Pebsteel’s branded environment, unifying and giving distinctiveness to individuals in Pebsteel’s diverse workforce, as well as their buildings, livery, and products. Fresh brand writing under the guidance of a new verbal identity empowers Pebsteel to communicate about their distinctiveness throughout print and digital media, fortifying the brands purpose and vision.

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